Barry Gibb - The King?

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At this very moment, I'm listening to the Billboard Top 100 of 1978. I randomly came across this selection of hit songs from before I was born. It's pretty impressive that eight out of the top fourteen songs (and 3 out of the top 5) were written by Barry Gibb. In the middle below, his look is a classic, what a pimp. He kind of resembles the new Burger King guy, actually.

The Burger King Guy

I was struck by this claim on Barry's official website:

"As a songwriter he is second only to the Lennon / McCartney relationship."

I'm a fan of Brian Wilson. His album, "Pet Sounds," is consistently ranked at or near #1 for album of all time in various lists. Paul McCartney himself has said several times he think it is the greatest album ever. This is just one of a handful of artists who is impossible to rank in terms of their artistic merit, no matter how much of a fan you may be of them or of yourself.

So, I was surprised by the claim on Barry Gibb's website. Perhaps this is backed up with some objective measure of the money he's made or how his songs have fared on the charts. I'll admit, after listening to "Stayin' Alive" and "Night Fever" among several other great songs, his songwriting ability is pretty amazing. And he does look a lot like the Burger King guy. Decide for yourself: here are Barry Gibb's top eight from 1978:

The Bee Gees
  1. Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing
  2. Bee Gees - Night Fever
  3. Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive
  4. Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
  5. Andy Gibb - Love is Thicker Than Water
  6. Frankie Valli - Grease
  7. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John - You're the One That I Want
  8. Samantha Sang and the Bee Gees - Emotion


Brian Wilson doesn’t hold a candle to Lennon/McCartney.

— bob cannetti · Mar 2, 08:27 AM · #

You can take that opinion and shove it, buddy. Brian Wilson kills both of them and he would also kick their asses in a real fight. He also got fatter than either of them could dream, and that is a true test of someone's genius.

Funny how Barry Gibb rarely finds himself in a debate like this, yet he’s the only one with a claim like that on his website. I don’t have anything against him, it’s just funny.

Andrew Swihart · Mar 2, 05:23 PM · #

Barry Gibb is the top writer of all time, no doubt about it, disco,soul,pop,country,rock..he has done em all

— TEN RECORDS · May 30, 10:17 AM · #

He's great, but I wouldn’t say he’s the “top writer of all time”. If I had to rank, I'd put Brian Wilson in his prime years at number one :).

Andrew Swihart · May 30, 09:51 PM · #


— CATHY SCHULTZ · Jun 7, 12:51 PM · #

Two Words: Burt Bacharach

— Colin Short · Jul 5, 12:17 PM · #

No denying it. It’s Barry Gibb with over 1,200 songs written and still writing
(suggest you listen to Human Nature’s Love Is Blind)

— Lowell Goldberg · Jul 7, 02:36 PM · #

Lot of BG fans coming this way lately! I like a lot of his stuff too, but I’m not close to putting him at number one, maybe top 5.

This is probably the most pointless "article" I will ever write on this site, other than my other two comedy "articles". Really I just posted this to get a kick out of seeing something I made on the web.

I'm glad it has sparked such an intense debate about the top songwriters of all time though, as this is a question that needs to be settled once and for all ;-).

Andrew Swihart · Jul 7, 03:17 PM · #

The above claim refers to writing credits for #1 singles. Barry Gibb has written 16 #1 Billboard (Hot 100) singles. That puts him third on the all time list for songwriters, behind John Lennon (#2) and Paul McCartney (#1). If you consider Lennon and McCartney as a songwriting team (which is how their songs came into being), then Gibb is second on the all time list. The Bee Gees performed some of the #1 singles, but many were sung by other artists.

— Jake Martin · Feb 8, 08:13 PM · #

Wow, finally an explanation for his claim. I had a feeling it had something to do with how his songs have charted, it just seemed like he was referring to some objective measure.

Thanks Jake, now we all know why Barry Gibb was able to get away with saying that on his website.

Andrew Swihart · Feb 9, 06:15 AM · #

I think Barry has written the most awesome songs in the secular realm of music. You can say what you want, but he is a truly talented writer and singer. I just wish the BeeGees music was played more on radio. Their is a generation who needs to hear this music.

— marcia st.john · Apr 14, 10:23 PM · #

So there you have it. His Website is correct.

Barry Gibb is second only to Lennon/McCartney duo and he’s done it all by himself. What a guy that guy is. And thank you for adding that you actually listened to his lyrics and that they are pretty amazing. They are. As a songwriter, he’s the best. The way he weaves words into a song is pure genius.

— Helen · Jun 26, 08:18 AM · #

dont forget as well, apart from the beatles the bee gees are the only group to have five hits in the top ten at one time.
his songs are still widely used in movies to this day

— dean · Jun 27, 07:34 PM · #

How many of these songwriters have actually written and produced million selling albums for other artists? none that I know, that is why Barry Gibb is the nuber one songwriter in my opinion.

— Slugman2000 · Jul 7, 09:21 AM · #

Barry Gibb is an absolutely incredible songwriter. As slugman2000 pointed out, Barry has written and produced so many albums for other artists – the guy is a genius. The way his melodies go with the lyrics he writes is just unbelievable.

— John · Sep 13, 04:39 AM · #


— SOL · May 21, 08:04 PM · #

I have a new favorite composer, who no one that I’ve mentioned him to has even heard of: Antonio Carlos Jobim. His most famous songs are The Girl from Ipanema, Desafinado, and Aguas de Marco, but he has a fairly large catalog of brilliant songs beyond that. I suggest Wave for a good introduction.

Andrew Swihart · May 23, 08:35 AM · #

Barry is in my opinion the greatest writer, although closely followed by Lennon/McCartney, Wilson and… yes Jobim as well, although I find it rather silly comparing pop/rock and bossa nova. However, Barry didn’t write “You’re The One That I Want” as mentioned in the list above… John Farrar did!

— Martin Larsen · Jul 16, 07:50 AM · #

Yes Barry Gibb is certainly the main man,he was writing hit songs at the age of 14! pure genius!

— Goblinshead · Jan 10, 05:51 AM · #

I love the music of Barry Gibb.

And in his youth BG’s looks triumphed over Lennon and McCartney any day. He was handsome as well as supremely talented.

— Linda · Jan 26, 01:44 PM · #

I agree that Barry Gibb is the top songwriter of all time, the man is a genius.

— 17DJLOVER · Feb 3, 09:45 AM · #

how deep is your love

precious · Nov 1, 07:11 PM · #

Barry Gibb and his brothers are without a doubt the best songwriters ever, and that includes Lennon and McCartney whose songs in my opinion lack the same quality. The Bee Gees are the only singer songwriters who have performed and written songs which are beyond comparison…. Awesome!!!!

— Steve Bradshaw · Dec 5, 10:56 AM · #

Barry Gibb shouldn’t be referred to as a sole writer as he was mainly part of a songwriting team with his brothers Robin & Maurice. He may have been the leader or main writer if you will, but the Bee gees were very much a joint songwriting effort. Robin & Maurice were excellent songwriters in their own right, particularly Robin, and as brilliant a songwriter as Barry was his work with his brothers was almost always better than his work without them.

— BifLoman · Jun 21, 10:19 AM · #

Andrew, it’s time to marshal a fact in response to my post. Or failing that, delete it again… I wonder which you’ll be able to do :)

Barry Gibb is the second most successful songwriter in modern music, by the objective measures described by Jake Martin above, behind only Lennon and McCartney. He was also ranked second by the Guinness Book of Records — I believe based on similar (perhaps identical) criteria. But those measures are limited. We could just as well count top-5 hits, or top-10s (and some listmakers do). Including the extensive body of songs that Gibb has written and produced for other artists, and continues to, places Gibb well ahead of Lennon and McCartney — who, of course, are two people. Barry Gibb (one person) has therefore been more successful than any other songwriter in modern music, and easily so. That’s why he makes “a claim like that on his website,” as you keep repeating. Brian Wilson? Not in this league by any objective measure, and you’ve provided no criteria suggesting otherwise.

— Tidewater · Jul 23, 04:51 PM · #

The Beatles had the knack for writing truly great pop/rock songs.
Brian Wilson and Barry gibb had similar amazingly different chord structures and in Brian’s case even orchestral arrangements. But Brian wasn’t the primary lyricist just melody make. How deep is your love is one of the most beautifully complex songs in my option. More than a woman etc.. Very romantic. Pet sounds best album. Beatles best band. Saturday night fever best movie. Lest leave it there. Lol. All three deserve equal respect regardless of chart position. Check out “ don’t talk( put your head on my shoulder) if your scratching your head about Brian.

— G swift · Mar 22, 04:30 PM · #

Let’s get our facts straight about Pet Sounds, a very lyric-driven album. Brian wrote the chord structures and arrangements. Tony Asher wrote every word on that lachrymose album.

McCartney and Barry are both great. I must say Paul’s songs are simpler, while songs like “Guilty,” “Too Much Heaven,” or “Tragedy” have relatively complex structures. Barry may be the greatest commercial songwriter, because the Bee Gees’ goal was always commercial success. Paul with the Beatles and sometimes solo was a bit more experimental.

However, the Gibbs’ range is enormous, from soul ballads, funk like “Jive Talkin’,” disco as we all know, to adult contemporary pop – which may be where Barry excelled the most.

So, it’s kind of hard to say. But I think the point is: the Bee Gees deserve an enormous amount of credit for their amazing career.

While I love the Beach Boys, including songs Brian didn’t write like “Disney Girls,” they were a bit inconsistent with some forgettable albums.

Ultimately, claims of “who’s the best” are a bit silly. We’re blessed with these brilliant artists.

— Forshorn · Mar 24, 12:28 PM · #

Brian Wilson, the Beatles and Gibb are all great but how can any of them claim to be better songwriters than Bob Dylan? No one can touch him in that department. If you want proof just check out his bootleg series of unreleased songs.

— Alex · Nov 24, 02:55 AM · #

I would suggest that Billy Joel is in the top 3 greatest songwriters as he wrote all his hit lyrics and music. As for lyricists I would suggest Neil Peart “drummer for Rush as possibly the greatest of all time.

— Scott Roberts · Feb 7, 01:00 PM · #

It’s not just the amount of money he’s made or how well they’ve done in the charts, it’s also the fact that he has the most covered song catalog of all time – after The Beatles. Fact. Thousands of singers have recorded his songs.

Look at some of the incredible artists (listed below) that have recorded songs that he wrote.

And he has no ego at all – unusual for a guy with that much success.

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Dionne Warwick, Nina Simone, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Andy Williams, Roberta Flack, Roy Orbison, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, Cher, Tom Jones, The Animals, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Barry White, Destiny’s Child, Michael Buble, En Vogue.

…..And there are thousands of others. I could go on forever.

— Jamie · Apr 16, 07:22 PM · #

@Andrew – it isn’t ‘‘one man’s claim’‘, it’s fact. End of! His figures which are freely available in the chart books and from the RIAA state that he has written more million selling singles than anyone accept John Lennon and Paul McCartney. And he wrote all those songs himself with a guitar – unlike all of todays producers who create a track, bring in a songwriter to write a song over the top and take 50%, they are scum. Do some research and stop taking the piss and ‘finding it funny’. A lot of people think The Beatles are shit too, you know.

— Angelina · Dec 16, 03:36 PM · #

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} [url=][/url] Unfortunately, the building was demolished in the 1950s owing to mine subsidence, but the site can still be reached by footpath. g [url=]michael kors bags[/url]
Q Bank 2013 – 14 for USMLE Step 1 (6 Volume) [url=]michael kors handbags[/url] Nearly every argument to force private employers to increase pay to the least-capable, least-worthy, least-productive employees is simply wrong. The best case for coerced minimum-wage pay increases is that it makes do-gooders feel good. Even then, they shouldn鈥檛.
Ioane, a former standout athlete at Billings Skyview who has risen to positions of progressively more responsibility within the Bobcat coaching staff throughout his career, joins longtime MSU assistant Jamie Marshall in the co-coordinator role. In earlier seasons the two collaborated to coach Bobcat linebackers, although Marshall has led the MSU secondary the past two seasons. [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] She is certainly the most successful amateur boxer the region has ever produced, and given her recent injury problems and the fact she is only 23, it is heartening to imagine that her best days could still be ahead of her. e [url=][/url]
涓稿北鏂囦竴锛氭病鏈夈€?锘縖url=]michael kors handbags[/url] 聽

bbvurbakq · Feb 15, 11:11 AM · #

cywgd2hvIGF0IHZhcmlvdXMgdHVybnMgc2luY2UgQXVndXN0IGhhZCBiZWVuIGRpc21pc3NlZCBh [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url] It was a strange choice in the third round. Thornton certainly has potential, but there are signals he will never realize it. o [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url]
Mr Osborne said that given the complexity of the project, we are still developing timelines . [url=][/url] “Irfan has been a cook since we were young. He was always cooking meals for us when we were kids,” said Jaffery’s brother, Eddie Hussain.
As a rising economic power, China is also growing as a humanitarian actor, giving generously to a number of recent disaster funds. But Chinese aid gets little coverage and its modus operandi and intentions are generally perceived to be different to that of so-called traditional donors . This paper shines a light on what it refers to as China s distinctive humanitarian identity , giving important historical context, and makes a case for more dialogue between the international and Chinese humanitarian communities. [url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url] And it’s not just for taste. The onion also happens to be a terrifically healthy ingredient. If nothing else, it’s a delicious way to add bulk to a dish without adding many calories or any fat. Thing is, Americans typically use onions in such small quantities that they serve more to highlight the other items in a dish, rather than strut their own stuff. w [url=][/url]
Approved unanimously a resolution authorizing a professional services contract with Montgomery-based architecture and engineering firm Goodwyn Mills and Cawood Inc. to . [url=][/url] “It is a great opportunity and we are excited about it for a couple of reasons,” Sedivy said. “International collaboration is increasingly growing in importance and really the collective ability to partner across oceans is going to be key to our engagement.”
o The market has swung wildly up and down since the start of the year. At this point, the Nasdaq is slightly positive, while the Dow and S P 500 are down. [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] NEWCASTLE FALCONS have recalled a number of their leading lights for tomorrow鈥檚 European Challenge Cup decider against Romanian side Bucharest Wolves. [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url]
銆婇浄閿嬪叏闆嗐€嬪嚭鐗堣繎鏃ワ紝銆婇浄閿嬪叏闆嗐€嬪嚭鐗堝骇璋堜細鏆ㄥ悜涓夊闆烽攱绾康棣嗚禒涔︿华寮忓湪鍖椾含涓捐銆傘€婇浄閿嬪叏闆嗐€嬬敱鍗庢枃鍑虹増绀惧嚭鐗堛€傝繖鏄竴閮ㄦ眹闆嗛浄閿嬩釜浜烘枃绋裤€佸繝瀹炶杞介浄閿嬪伐浣溿€佸涔犮€佺敓娲绘儏鍐靛拰鎬濇兂閬撳痉鎯呮搷鐨勬枃闆?1)銆傚畠姹囬泦浜嗛浄閿嬬敓鍓嶆墍鍐欑殑鍏ㄩ儴鏂囧瓧锛屽寘鎷棩璁般€佽瘲姝屻€佸皬璇淬€佽璇濄€佷功淇°€佹暎鏂囥€佽禒瑷€绛夛紝杩?0涓囧瓧锛屾槸杩勪粖涓烘涓€閮ㄦ渶瀹屾暣鐨勯浄閿嬩釜浜烘枃闆嗐€傝繖浜涘唴瀹瑰叏閮ㄨ嚜闆烽攱鎵嬭鏁寸悊锛屽彶鏂欑湡瀹烇紝鍐呭缈斿疄锛岃澶氱弽璐佃祫鏂欒繕鏄娆¢潰涓栥€傚弬涓?2)鏈功缂栬緫宸ヤ綔鐨勬槸闀挎湡浠庝簨闆烽攱璧勬枡寰侀泦銆佹暣鐞嗐€佹敹钘忎笌鐮旂┒鐨?0澶氫綅闆烽攱鐨勬垬鍙嬨€佸悓瀛︺€佸悓浜嬨€侀瀵间互鍙婁粠浜嬮浄閿嬬爺绌剁殑涓撳瀛﹁€呫€傚骇璋堜細涓婏紝涓浗鍑虹増闆嗗洟鍏徃銆佸崕鏂囧嚭鐗堢ぞ鍚戣窘瀹佺渷鎶氶『甯傞浄閿嬬邯蹇甸銆佹箹鍗楃渷闀挎矙甯傞浄閿嬬邯蹇甸鍜屾矆闃冲啗鍖洪浄閿嬬邯蹇甸鍚勮禒閫?3)500鍐屻€婇浄閿嬪叏闆嗐€嬨€傛姎椤哄競闆烽攱绾康棣嗛闀块檲鑼佷唬琛ㄥ彈璧犳柟鎺ュ彈浜嗚禒涔︼紝璧炴壃涓浗鍑虹増闆嗗洟鍏徃鍙婂崕鏂囧嚭鐗堢ぞ涓哄紭鎵浄閿嬬簿绁炪€佷紶鎾浄閿嬩簨杩广€佹帹鍔ㄥ闆烽攱娲诲姩娣卞叆寮€灞曟墍鍋氬嚭鐨勭獊鍑鸿础鐚€侼otes to the words:1.鏂囬泦(w茅nj铆), n. collected works.2.鍙備笌(c膩ny霉): v. to participate. 3.璧犻€?z猫ngs貌ng): v. to present as a gift. [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url] Associated PressPosted:
Junior Suite Lounge at Westin Doha Hotel & Spa. [Image:] [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] won two cups with the Boston Bruins. r [url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
Whether you鈥檙e the top boss or looking to get hired, exhibitions and events can be a great time and money investment. [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url] Window shopping and comparing the latest cars, trucks and SUVs will never be easier or more efficient than at this year’s Houston Auto Show, which begins its five-day run at on Jan. 21.
NFL rules allow trades for head coaches, but not for assistant coaches. [url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url] I鈥檝e got a Twitter account, but I must admit to preferring Facebook. I鈥檓 a Facebook stalker; I observe but don鈥檛 comment much. I believe social networking is the ruin of modern society.
“I’m ready to compete,” she says. “I’m also ready to be with some people that love cheese like I love cheese.” [url=]ralph lauren outlet[/url] 3 Don鈥檛 threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.
Check the weather report before you head out. Shorts and a T-shirt will be just fine on most Florida hikes, but carry a sweat shirt and poncho in your pack just in case the weather takes a turn. 锘縖url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url] TWO recipes that survived after the war in , County Durham, were for crow pie and rabbity-chicken pudding.
l Mexico is Arkansas’ second largest exporting commercial partner. During 2010, Arkansas sold more than $544 million in products to Mexico, accounting for 10.4% of the state鈥檚 export production. In the same year, Mexico moved into fourth place among Arkansas鈥?largest commercial partners for imports, selling more than $584 million in products in the state. [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url] * loginWidget *
La Federaci贸n Francesa de Telecomunicaciones dijo que acepta el proyecto, pero critic贸 su forma de presentaci贸n, en tanto dijo que las actuales normas que se cumplen son cien veces m谩s exigentes que las recomendadas por la Organizaci贸n Mundial de la Salud. [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] The design proposals for Regatta Plaza are due to the city by Nov. 24. A preferred developer should be selected by Dec. 10. r [url=][/url]
Brown just finished a week where he was named the Great American Conference鈥檚 Player of the Week after scoring 33 points on Saturday and being the named the Outstanding Player of the Arkansas Tech Thanksgiving Classic. [url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url] Commissioners Julie Scales, who currently holds Seat 1, and Julie Ward Bujalski, who holds Seat 4, announced they would run for mayor after Mayor Dave Eggers entered the race for Pinellas County Commission District 4.
y SHAREPhoto: An estimated 70,000 people have been displaced by flooding in Malawi NAIROBI, 16 January 2015 (IRIN) – The scale and impact of the current flooding in southern Malawi seems to [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] The club is hosting a grand Brains of Durham charity quiz night at Framwellgate Moor Working Men鈥檚 club, Durham, on Wednesday, April 21, from 7.30pm. p
Idaho State (2-2, 1-0) at No. 2 Eastern Washington (4-1, 1-0): QB Justin Arias and the Bengals can put up some points, but Vernon Adams and Eastern Washington have won 13 straight against Big Sky teams and own a 12-game regular season home winning streak. [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url] The mayor of Famagusta, (Limassol) Alexis Galanos terminated the report, and said the government has to inform UN before taking any decision and regarded it just a trick to gain popularity among the people. [url=][/url]
.header-export #logo-title { [url=][/url] He transported them in an egg crate. He brought another egg crate filled with country eggs no city eggs for him. The local bachelors Tommy and George drifted in whenever the mood came upon them. p [url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url]
For more information please contact St. Luke鈥檚 church 753-4281. 锘縖url=]polo ralph lauren men[/url] But Lloyd s transition to the college level was not easy. He redshirted his first year, played on special teams as a redshirt freshman, but eventually was selected as an honorable mention to the HAAC Football All-Conference Defensive Team.
<div class=“content”> [url=][/url] 鈥淚f someone shows up really well here, they could do themselves a power of good in terms of the future.鈥?w [url=]polo ralph lauren[/url]
Curiously, hunger becomes a unifying factor for the surviving Yangs. The struggle for food eclipses all other strife among them and brings them together in a common goal. In the effort, their intrigues and petty slights are soon forgotten. [url=]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] –

gjojysng · Feb 15, 12:27 PM · #

On Friday, Smith became the first Australia to score a hundred in his debut innings as captain in both Tests and one-day internationals. [url=]abercrombie[/url] FAMILIAR FINISH a [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url]
鈥?Appreciate . Even if you live in a suburban or urban locale, your community鈥檚 green infrastructure warrants protecting. [url=][/url] By Ray Hacke
Wind gusts of 75 mph or more are possible for coastal areas of Massachusetts, and up to 50 mph further inland, Oravec said. [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] The average workweek rose to 34.5 hours from 34.3 hours in February. That doesn’t seem like much — just 12 minutes more. But those extra minutes help boost incomes, Deutsche Bank economist Joseph LaVorgna said in a research note. Hourly workers are taking home more pay over the course of a week — about $17 more than they did at this time last year. w [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url]
Aldean played in Billings in 2010 and drew a respectable turnout of 6,200 fans. Live Nation, which is promoting the Bozeman show, did not even make an offer to Billings, Massie said. [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url] 01/12/2015 01:14:06 PM MSTLouisville Fire Protection District’s new Fire Chief John Willson poses with a fire truck at Station 2 in Louisville on Friday. (David R. Jennings / Daily Camera)
q .magicmenu-menu-menu-last { [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] 鈻?Trippas, 33 Tubwell Row, Darlington. Tel: 01325-243988; [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url]
That鈥檚 exactly what happened against Butte. The Bulldogs (3-6, 1-2) dictated things early, but when Senior (3-7, 1-3) was able to turn up the tempo, things started going the Broncs鈥?way. [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Smith remains rock’s most thrilling revolutionary.
TIP-INS [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Rather than run the ball, UW chose to put Tolzien in the shotgun and throw. l [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url]
Feathers are printed in soft blues and greens on birch wood, creating a forest of sorts, at West Elm. Watercolored feather medallions look like dream catchers on an organic cotton duvet cover and sham. ( [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url] Business Secretary Vince Cable attacked the delay, saying the
According to the sheriff’s report, deputies responded to a call about an armed person just after 4:45 p.m. Jan. 21 at a residence on Misty Hollow Court in Tarpon Springs. [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] Guisborough鈥檚 Dave Hornbrook and co-driver Ann Forster claimed 17th overall in their Mitsubishi as Hartburn co-driver Ian Jackson guided George Scott to 22nd overall in their similar car. Martin Peters from Ingleby Barwick and Stokesley co-driver Darren Wilcox finished fourth in class en route to 23rd overall in their Preston Farm MOT Citroen Saxo as they edged out Consett鈥檚 Barry Renwick and Steve Dargan by just six seconds in their Ford Escort.
Clafouti, the French baked fruit and custard dessert, can be made with plums in the fall and pears in winter. (Thinkstock) [url=][/url] Until that shakes out — next week’s coaches convention in Louisville is a prime time for assistants changing jobs — SJSU remains in good shape.
Directions [url=]abercrombie[/url] approximately 850 years ago.
i After a slow start, Montana鈥檚 women have won eight of their past nine games. They continue to be led by senior point guard Kellie Rubel. The Bozeman product was named the Big Sky鈥檚 player of the week on Monday after leading the Lady Griz to two victories last week. [url=]abercrombie[/url] Pedestrian use of streets and highways
Colorado settled for the one point when the Lighting had a 2-1 advantage in the three-round shootout, with Matt Duchene scoring for Colorado, but MacKinnon and Alex Tanguay failing to beat Tampa Bay goalie Ben Bishop. [url=]abercrombie[/url] Prior to Vail ’99, Fleischer was best known for an downhill at Kitzbuehel, Austria, considered the Super Bowl of the sport. Flipping upside down off a jump at 96 mph, Fleischer’s skis exploded when he landed and he ripped up a knee, but after the crash he stood up in severe pain and bowed three times to acknowledge the cheers of 50,000 fans in attendance. They loved him for that. n [url=]abercrombie[/url]
2005 -聽Montana State 16, Montana 6 [url=][/url] Font Resize
s IGl0IGNhcnJpZWQgb3V0IGl0cyBkdXRpZXMgYXMgYSBmYW1pbHkgc2hlbHRlci4gSG9zdCBvZiBD [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] Unfortunately, this is where pedants like me become rather aggravating with our nitpicking. Because the vast, vast majority of homes in Jilin are rather small apartments. It would be hard for a congregation of more than ten to gather there. However, once more in the spirit of goodwill, let us err once again on the side of generosity, and assume that in fact twenty Christians are sardining themselves into each 鈥楬ouse Church鈥? u
Santa Clara, Calif. 鈥?In Silicon Valley, it’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. Just ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee. [url=][/url] Not so crazy at all. In fact, Calcagno relishes the challenge and the notion that he and his family鈥檚 life 鈥渉as come full circle.鈥?His father attends every game and watches from the end zone. [url=][/url]
Junko Ishido, Goto’s mother, on Friday launched an emotional appeal begging for mercy for her son. [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url] The Sauk County revelation came the same day that recount overseers in Waukesha County sought an extension of their deadline to complete a hand recount of some 124,000 ballots. m [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url]
While the agency transitions assets it possesses into a new portfolio allocation and a stable of approved managers, illiquid legacy holdings have remained in its portfolio as they can t be readily wound down. [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] Quiet, fans, your troubles were still years away at this point.
O0d1eXMgZm91bmQgaGltIGluIGdvb2Qgc3BvdHMgYW5kIGhlIGZpbmlzaGVkIGFyb3VuZCB0aGUg [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url] 6 S Taylor: Slotted back in to replace Williamson with a minimum of fuss and won some important second-half headers c [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url]
Confirming reports that had floated around for weeks, Troy announced the hiring of the former UAB wide receivers coach today. [url=]abercrombie and fitch[/url] Johnie Courtney recently turned 96.

gjgjxxpk · Feb 18, 07:10 PM · #

Outdoor pool, big: Many big outdoor resort [url=]kate spade bags[/url] The Colemans struggle to find a balance between his desire for traditional lines and her love of midcentury modern looks in the furniture and the home’s details. The spring after they moved in, the couple hired Barron Designs to add an upstairs to the home, adding 600 square feet to the 1,950-square-foot house. h [url=]kate spade handbags[/url]
and [url=]kate spade handbags[/url] Tyree said the online classes are not meant to be competition to her studio or other yoga studios, but rather introduce more people to yoga.
MUMBAI, June 10, 2013 (AFP) -India’s rupee hit a record low of 57.54 against the dollar on Monday on growing demand for dollars among oil importers, while the greenback was also boosted by upbeat US jobs data. [url=]kate spade bags[/url] SEMINOLE 聳 The 50th annual Mr. and Ms. Seminole awards banquet will take place Saturday, Feb. 7, 6 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Harbourside聮s Key West Center in Indian Rocks Beach. u [url=][/url]
15. Sunnyside (4-2) [url=]kate spade bags[/url] If we had weather, softball could be on one side, baseball could be on the other side and we don’t lose any practice (for either). They’re out of there and then football or soccer’s in there. The other thing is if we have a track in there, track can use it. We could host, possibly, based on the size of the facility, an indoor championship, the ACC championship. At Air Force, we had an indoor facility and we hosted the Mountain West championship every year. Another part of it is it allows our physical education department to teach classes in there. It would help them with their programming. It would give our students an indoor facility if they want to run at night.
f Denise Langton OAM [url=][/url] 4. Irmo [url=]kate spade handbags[/url]
“The hard work is just about to begin. We have a wonderful city and I think we all need to pull together to showcase the best of Birmingham,” she said. “I have been told that UAB will host several events and rightly so. We are in the middle of the city and have several outstanding facilities.” [url=]kate spade[/url] April 1
YmxlIHRvIHRoZSBuYWtlZCBleWUsIHNhaWQgRWQgT2dkZW4sIEdvb2R5ZWFyJiM4MjE3O3MgcHVi [url=]kate spade outlet[/url] She said the unseasonal trade meant she could continue employing staff through the winter months. Mrs White said: 鈥淧eople are saying they saw the area on television and thought it was amazing. A lot of our business is based on repeat customers 鈥?once they come they return again and again, so I think we will feel the impact much more next year than this.鈥?p [url=]kate spade outlet[/url]
Voices is an occasional column that allows wealth managers to address issues of interest to the advisory community. Amy Renkert-Thomas is the joint-managing director of Withers Consulting Group in New Haven, Conn. [url=]kate spade handbags[/url] 6 Stay on topic. Make sure your comments are about the story. Don鈥檛 insult each other.
The residents have water they cannot drink, they cannot cook with and they don’t want to wash their clothes in because of discoloration,’‘ said Erik Sayler from the state Office of Public Counsel. [url=][/url] There were a lot of pieces in place at Waterford that made the job very appealing to me, Bakken said. Things were set up talent-wise and numbers-wise for us to be successful this year.
We are disappointed by our fourth quarter results, Intertape CEO Greg Yull said in a statement on Monday. The challenges arose primarily in the month of December and we expect the operational issues to be resolved in the first quarter of 2015. [url=]kate spade[/url] Fewer than half the people in the country eligible to vote bother to register. The number of registered voters who cast a ballot in the last election was one of the lowest percentages ever.
San Juan Bautista residents since May have been told to stay away from tap water due to . Those high nitrate levels can come from such causes as agricultural or septic runoff, while San Juan officials expect to drill two new wells鈥攄eeper than the current two wells with nitrate issues鈥攊n order to lower the contamination levels to a safe standard. High nitrate levels are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and infants, according to city warnings. City Manager Roger Grimsley in August said city officials were hoping winter rains would help to dilute the nitrate levels, which the city has partially attributed to drought conditions. [url=]kate spade outlet[/url] 12:19 pm: U.S. President Barack Obama inspects the inter-Services Guard of Honour at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
l York Times, Chicago Sun Times and dozens upon dozens of smaller newspapers – [url=]kate spade[/url] minimum wage.
The latest information from the Spanish Ministry of Defence indicates that the victims of the incident are ten. There are ten injured and the information that six of them are in serious condition has been confirmed. [url=]kate spade bags[/url] Another Dream Come True recipient, Myron Zaccheo, is a close friend to many of the Coaches Against Cancer members and supporters. Zaccheo was a coach himself, serving as the head football coach at San Jose High and Gunderson before settling in at Pioneer to finish his career. The highly respected Zaccheo is regarded as one of the top football coaches in Santa Clara Valley history. m [url=]kate spade handbags[/url]
Djokovic s serving was a feature, winning 82 percent of his first serves. [url=]kate spade[/url] A screenshot from the teaser trailer of The Fantastic Four. (Screenshot)
a bWVyaWNhbiBjb21tdW5pdHkuPC9wPjxwPiYjODIyMDtPdXIgc2Vuc2l0aXZpdHkgb24gdGhpcyBp [url=]kate spade handbags[/url] Emmerson says: “The Government has said it thinks SRE is important and should be age-appropriate, but there’s no obligation for schools to do it, and there’s a fair amount of confusion among schools about what they’re supposed to do. n
If you need more information, send an email to For questions about online applications send an email to [url=]kate spade outlet[/url] He served in the U.S. Army from 1975-1978 in Baumholder, Germany, in the armor division and in Garmisch/Berchtesgaden as a member of the U.S. Army ski team. After an overseas honorable discharge, he traveled extensively throughout Europe by bike, thumb and VW van. Always seeking adventure, he climbed the active volcano Mt. Etna in Sicily, ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and hiked the Samaria Gorge in Crete. 锘縖url=]kate spade[/url]
鈥淐adel just said ‘follow me,‘鈥?he said. 鈥淚 have all the faith in the world in him. He’s the most experienced rider in this bunch.鈥?[url=][/url] TIM BRESNAN has revealed his confidence in Yorkshire鈥檚 ability to end the season in style by winning two trophies, the LV= County Championship and the Royal London one-day Cup. d [url=]kate spade handbags[/url]
鈥淗air removal with Syneron鈥檚 Gentle Pro laser combines high power with speed and is safe for all skin types, even dark skin which cannot be treated with many other systems,鈥?says Dr. Mark Chinn of Valley Institute of Plastic Surgery in Fresno, California. 鈥淚t is rapid and reliable, and can take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the areas being treated. A series of four or more treatments spaced about six weeks apart is recommended.鈥?[url=]kate spade handbags[/url] 鈥淚f you鈥檝e been involved or active with planning any of the chamber鈥檚 major events, you鈥檝e seen this person working diligently, honorably and tirelessly,鈥?Perry said. 鈥淗e donates his time to almost everything we do, and I mean hours and hours.鈥?
delay: causing to happen at a later time; happening at a later time than expected – 喔佮覆喔`箑喔ム阜喙堗腑喔? 喔娻箟喔侧竵喔о箞喔侧笡喔佮笗喔?[url=][/url] A 0.7-percent payroll tax proposal from Governor Peter Shumlin has gotten the attention of the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association. The organization says it is skeptical of whether the Governor’s proposal will have the revenue neutral impact on businesses as the Governor suggested. In his fiscal address, Governor Shumlin pitched the tax as a way to also lower insurance premiums while solving the medicaid cost shift. But critics say predicting the proposal’s effect on insurance premiums is too difficult.The tax proposal from Governor Peter Shumlin has gotten the attention of the Vermont Retail and Grocers Association. The organization says it is skeptical of whether the Governor’s proposal will have the revenue neutral impact on businesses as the Governor suggested. In his fiscal address, Governor Shumlin pitched the tax as a way to also lower insurance premiums while solving the medicaid cost shift. But critics say predicting the proposal’s effect on insurance premiums is too difficult. r [url=]kate spade handbags[/url]
The Jaguars, who defeated then-Sun Belt leader Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday at the Cajundome, 89-82, defeated UALR earlier this season on the road, claiming a 72-69 decision. That win was the first game of the Jags’ only other back-to-back wins streak so far this season. They followed with a home win over Appalachian State. [url=]kate spade outlet[/url] Most ReadSign InORSign in using your Palm Beach Post profile

gjzkbksj · Feb 18, 08:39 PM · #

I heard that there’s an autistic savant (like Rain Man) that actually is the source of most of today’s songs. That he is fed some lines and he repeats them in the basic beats almost ALL songs use and then picks which lines will be the best for the “hook” and/or chorus. He is trusted by most major studios. I wish I knew who / where he was because I have a couple song ideas and he could help me determine if I have a talent or if I’m way off. ;). Even if that story is not true, it is proven that many writers and artists saw the world differently or perfectly… Due to mental disabilities.

— Lawrence · Aug 20, 02:07 PM · #

If you look at the body of the work, the Bee Gees were better songwriters than Lennon McCartney.
Lennon McCartney (as a duo) quit writing together in late 1969.
Only 5 years of work.
The Bee Gees wrote music (as a trio) from 1967 to 2001.
Both bands had their share of great songs and clunkers.

— Scott Severin · Sep 1, 05:49 PM · #

buddy Holly dudes!

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— z4cm3hu554 · Jan 23, 09:03 AM · #

Wow Thank you so much Captain America Online

fullmoviewatch · May 1, 11:22 AM · #

Barry Gibb looks like the Burger King guy? I never thought of that. I think he looks like Guy Williams of Zorro and Lost In Space fame. As for writing, Lennon and McCartney are my favorites. The Bee Gees ( Robin and Maurice co-wrote a lot of those Bee Gees songs ) are among my favorites.

— Robert W · Feb 16, 08:10 PM · #

Barry Gibb looks like the Burger King guy? I never thought of that. I think he looks like Guy Williams of Zorro and Lost In Space fame. As for writing, Lennon and McCartney are my favorites. The Bee Gees ( Robin and Maurice co-wrote a lot of those Bee Gees songs ) are among my favorites.

— Robert W · Feb 16, 08:10 PM · #

Running a business can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying ventures one can partake in life. However, running a business can also be an extremely demanding, and at times, stressful career move. Luckily there are a wide range of business services that can help to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on the core elements of your business.

B2B Marketing · Jan 4, 05:50 AM · #

Running a business can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying ventures one can partake in life. However, running a business can also be an extremely demanding, and at times, stressful career move. Luckily there are a wide range of business services that can help to take some of the weight off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on the core elements of your business.

B2B Marketing · Jan 4, 05:52 AM · #

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buddy Holly dudes!

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If you look at the…