From the mind of Alex Ryan, there comes a movie so captivating and disturbing, it will forever change the way you think about all things medical-related.  Drawing from our own medical school experiences, it reveals the imprisoning reality of being a medical student.

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Final Rotation

Filmed in 2006  //   1 Comments

Writer, Director, Producer
Alex Ryan
Editor, Producer
Andrew Swihart
Medical Student
Andrew Swihart
Evil Doctor
Taofeek Owanikoko
Male Surgeon
James Weinheimer
Female Surgeon
Christina Savinell

A laugh-out-loud comedy for the whole family! Clint Eastwood (played by Aron Majic) is on a mission to stop a madman from giving the president AIDS during a bloody haircut in his salon. Failing to save the president in 1963, he is determined to sacrifice his own life this time, even if it means taking AIDS for the president.

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In the Line of Blood

Filmed in 1993  //   5 Comments

Co-Writers, Directors, Producers
Andrew Swihart and Aron Majic
Linda Swihart
Clint Eastwood
Aron Majic
John Paul
Andrew Swihart
Head of Secret Service
Andrew Swihart
Love Interest
Matthew Cinalli
Senior Advisor
Michael Cinalli