A laugh-out-loud comedy for the whole family! Clint Eastwood (played by Aron Majic) is on a mission to stop a madman from giving the president AIDS during a bloody haircut in his salon. Failing to save the president in 1963, he is determined to sacrifice his own life this time, even if it means taking AIDS for the president.

Made in 1993 for a school project, this movie stands as the highest quality production to come out of the Andrew Swihart and Aron Majic collaborations of the early 90's. I can't even remember how we came up with the whole plot line and the script, and I'm still impressed with some of the acting and lines we came up with, many on the spot on the first take.

Aron is hilarious playing Clint Eastwood, a secret service agent who must protect the president at all costs. I play John Paul, a crazed but brilliant barber who is giving AIDS to as many people as he can. The movie is based on "In the Line of Fire," a great suspense starring Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich. Classic Kiss songs serve as the soundtrack, for your enjoyment.


It is amazing what an obscure little Google search will find these days. Beautiful film Andrew. It is nice seeing you, Aron and Rex like I remember. I was just bummed at the end that you didn’t include the classic Andrew and Aron recording “Eat at Joe’s.”

Take care of yourself.


— Lesli Forbes · Apr 9, 02:44 PM · #

Hey Lesli! Great to hear from you, a true fan of my work, hahaha ;)

It’s awesome that you found my site. Now this site was worth making if for nothing other than letting you find and see this movie! It was made around the time we were going to Bluestone every year. I wish I could go back and relive those great times with you and everyone at camp.

I only wish I had the lyrics and chords from that classic song “Eat at Joe’s”. Apart from the title, the only lyric I can remember is “throw the cow in the fire,” but man that was a hilarious song.

Andrew Swihart · Apr 12, 01:45 PM · #

What’s up Swihart its Butch, I was looking at pictures Aron sent me and forgot that In The Line of Blood link was on there. Any way if you get a chance email me. Peace Out!!!

— Matthew Cinalli · Feb 11, 08:39 PM · #

It’s been a long time Butch, good to hear from you. As one of the main actors in this great film I appreciate it even more. It was great when you asked Clint out on a first date, that was so romantic.

Andrew Swihart · Feb 12, 08:06 AM · #

Why hasn’t this been posted to facebook yet? lol

— JoniSue · Jan 27, 09:12 AM · #

In the Line of Blood

Filmed in 1993  //   5 Comments

Co-Writers, Directors, Producers
Andrew Swihart and Aron Majic
Linda Swihart
Clint Eastwood
Aron Majic
John Paul
Andrew Swihart
Head of Secret Service
Andrew Swihart
Love Interest
Matthew Cinalli
Senior Advisor
Michael Cinalli
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