From the mind of Alex Ryan, there comes a movie so captivating and disturbing, it will forever change the way you think about all things medical-related.  Drawing from our own medical school experiences, it reveals the imprisoning reality of being a medical student.

Alex and I made this movie at the end of medical school, and it was shown when we graduated to an audience of hundreds of doctors and students on a huge movie screen.


Great editing Andrew. Very cool.

— Greg · May 5, 06:25 PM · #

Final Rotation

Filmed in 2006  //   1 Comments

Writer, Director, Producer
Alex Ryan
Editor, Producer
Andrew Swihart
Medical Student
Andrew Swihart
Evil Doctor
Taofeek Owanikoko
Male Surgeon
James Weinheimer
Female Surgeon
Christina Savinell
  1. finalrotation-600x400.flv

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