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Here's another idea that I hope will be a big hit on my website. I'm going to go off and learn about various random subjects for a couple minutes or so, then deliver my expert reports right here on

Albert Einstein writing E=mc squared

I'm calling this the Instant Expert series. Its simple: all I have to do is do a couple Google searches on a topic, see what I find, decide what I think about it, and then I'll be an expert on it!

You can look forward to these reports as I go becoming an expert on several topics very quickly. You won't have to waste your own time learning about anything ever again.


in my house we have the ‘google challenge’ ... whenever anyone gets up on their high horse about something that someone else may disagree with, we turn to my trusty ibook (kept by the couch at all times for emergency googles, imdb-ing, etc) and look up whatever that person is defending. initiate a google challenge, become an instant expert ;)

— susan · May 2, 05:32 AM · #

(in Borat voice): Niice!

Andrew Swihart · May 2, 07:18 AM · #

the 3 of us in fl. loved this — clip art and all — we’re waiting for the next installment!

— you know who · Oct 20, 02:59 PM · #

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